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Is it me or is it them?

Judith Snow My name is Judith Snow and I am a psychotherapist in private practice. Over many years I have observed that most people find there are times when they just feel stumped or have a perplexing scenario they want to run by someone. Often, people are reluctant to lean on a friend or family member, wondering if they are too close to be objective.

The frequency and number of reality checks I have responded to in my private practice was proof that reality checks would be of great value to many people. So, this website was developed for the sole purpose of providing reality checks to all those who need them. While structuring this service, the necessity of complete privacy and the preservation of your anonymity was a top priority.

You will get either a brief, or detailed response to your dilemma. You will also be told if your situation requires more than a basic reality check. This is a very specific service. It is not psychotherapy. You will receive objective input and feedback to situations and dilemmas that you encounter in your life, in which you need objective feedback.

Most reality checks will be provided within 24 hours or less, but the tougher questions may take longer. I value your inquiries and am honored to be of service.

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The Service

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How Reality Check Works

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